Need initial public offering (iPO) alert thing

  • matturaut says

    Dont hesitate to use app/use website of, and

    Their apps provide information of every upcoming IPOs. Just surf those websites once in a day and you will remain automatically updated.

  • jonec00per says

  • [deleted] says

    Harek 4 days ma meroshare login garne.

  • s1mple389 says

  • GamingOfNepali says

    Brother, merolagani vanney app use gara. Tyesmaah you can go to New shares menu. Tyo menu maah chaai you will get list of upcoming or running IPO/FPO/auction/right.

  • RKay176 says

    follow sharesansar, sharemandu and many others such pages in social media dude.

  • snj12341 says

    Merostock app

  • captchabigriyo says

  • LowMathematician1382 says

    I use merolagani app which gives notifications often necessary and unnecessary about IPOs like hows the company and how many times its has been applied.

    It also provides notifications.

    One thing i like is how many times it notifies me about the same news. My count is 7 notifications back to back.

  • -HiddenSun- says

    Check news portal often or join Siddhartha Capital Viber group (idk any other bank provide this or not)

  • sarojhd says

    Ntc maa euta sms alert package xa kya sayad. Ipo ayo vaney notification dinxa hola tesle

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