Nagrita for U.S citizen


I was born in Nepal and moved to the U.S when I was young and I want to get a nagrita because I want to live in Nepal in the future and have the opportunity to buy land and own a house. I know that Nepal doesn’t allow dual citizenship but I was wondering if anyone in a similar situation has been able to get a nagrita through bribery or other means.


  1. Creepy_Situation6793 says

    Yup apply for NRN card. It’s similar to having nagrita. You have the freedom to do business, buy lands houses cars.. etc. and I don’t think you need a visa to enter nepal.. I could be wrong on that one but. Check.

  2. incognitoboiiii says

    NRN card banau bro, the only restrictions are to buy loads of land and run for elections other than that it’s not that different.

  3. esewakhalti2point0 says

    NRN card banaune. Tyesle jagga, ghar kinna milxa.

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