Mutual Fund Schemes’ Net Asset Value (NAV) in Nepal

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A mutual fund is a firm that combines money from both small and large investors and invests it in stocks, bonds, and other investment assets. A portfolio manager manages and operates it. Mutual funds assist regular investors in reducing investment risk. Because the funds are handled by specialists, they generate acceptable returns while posing minimal risks.

According to the Mutual Fund Directives 2067 in Nepal, the money collected by mutual funds is invested in shares, bonds, government securities, and fixed deposits by the portfolio manager. The return or profit from such an investment is dispersed proportionally among the unit holders. A unit holder is an investor who purchases a mutual fund’s share/unit. The value of each unit is referred to as Net Assets Value (NAV).

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The table below shows the Net Asset Value (NAV) of Mutual Fund Schemes that are currently active in Nepal. The NAV is calculated using the monthly data at the end of Baisakh in 2077 BS.

Mutual Fund Schemes’ Net Asset Value (NAV)

Net Asset Value (NAV) In Rs.

S.N. Stock Name Stock Symbol Baisakh End, 2078 BS Chaitra End, 2077 BS
1 Global IME Samunnat Scheme-1 GIMES1 21.11 21.12
2 Sanima Equity Fund SAEF 19.76 20.14
3 Sunrise First Mutual Fund SFMF 18.6
4 NIC Asia Growth Fund NICGF 17.55 17.86
5 NMB 50 NMB50 17.51 17.57
6 NIBL Pragati Fund NIBLPF 17.39 17.65
7 Siddhartha Investment Growth Scheme – 2 SIGS2 17.08 17.37
8 NIBL Sahabhagita Fund Open Ended Scheme 17.04 17.12
9 Nabil Equity Fund NEF 16.99 17.24
10 Siddhartha Equity Fund SEF 16.75 16.99
11 NIC Asia Balanced Fund NICBF 16.29 16.55
12 Nabil Balanced Fund-2 NBF2 16.26 16.35
13 NMB Hybrid Fund L-1 NMBHF1 15.83 15.87
14 Citizens Mutual Fund 2 CMF2 15.42 15.71
15 NIBL Samriddhi Fund 1 NIBSF1 15.4 15.51
16 Laxmi Equity Fund LEMF 15.35 15.54
17 Citizens Mutual Fund -1 CMF1 14.61 14.8
18 Laxmi Unnati Kosh LUK 14.02 14.17
19 NIC Asia Dynamic Debt Fund Open Ended Scheme 11.16 11.1
20 Sanima Large Cap Fund SLCF 10.21 10.2
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Source: Monthly Report (Baisakh end, 2078 BS) of respective mutual fund schemes. Sunrise First Mutual Fund is yet to publish the report.