MSI GP66 Leopard with RTX 3070, 11th gen Intel CPU comes to Nepal

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MSI GP66 Leopard with RTX 3070, 11th gen Intel CPU comes to Nepal » Meroshare

MSI GP76 GP66 Leopard 10UE 11UG Price in Nepal Specifications Features Availability

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If you are looking for a gaming laptop, there are a bunch of options available in Nepal. MSI’s GP66 and GP76 Leopard with 10th gen Intel CPU have been around for a while but you can now get the one with the latest 11th gen processor as well. In this post, we will be taking a look at the specs, features, price, and availability of MSI GP66 Leopard (11UG) and GP76 Leopard (10UE) in Nepal.

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MSI GP66, GP76 Leopard Overview:

Design and Display

The biggest difference between the two lies in their display and dimension. The GP66 is the smaller of the two and also weighs the least (2.38 kg). On the other hand, the GP76 is bigger and weighs around 2.9 kg. A lot of it has to do with the bigger display that the GP76 Leopard has.

It features a 17.3-inch screen compared to the 15.6-inch one in the GP66. Other than that, both displays are based on IPS technology and support a refresh rate of up to 144Hz. However, the newer GP66 Leopard (11UG) brings a 240Hz display instead.

MSI GP76 GP66 Leopard Display and Design

Performance and Memory

On the performance front, the 10UE models of these laptops are powered by the 10th-gen Intel Core i7-10870H CPU (14nm). It’s an octa-core processor based on the HM470 chipset. It is listed with a base and a maximum turbo frequen

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