Movie Recommendations


Well, this is not a movie recomm group, anyways, it is a winter break, so want to watch a couple of movies. Hoping that y’all will share some of your favorite movies!


  1. SuvayaManHunter says

    Watch flipped that movie got a special place in my heart😌

  2. -HiddenSun- says

    Parasyte – Korean

    Green Book

    Better place to be (Heaven) – Dutch

    A short film about love – Polish

    The girl on the train

    I want to eat your pancreas //Anime

    Lost in Translation

    Wolf children//Anime

    The big short

    About Time

    The Good Liar

  3. [deleted] says

    Mean girls duh

  4. alladin316 says

    Matrix Resurrections is out in HD.

    Ghamad Shere is available in YouTube.

  5. According-Hearing315 says

    Swades, Lakshya 2004 ko movie ho yo dutai. 2004 ma yesto thought provoking movie buntyo Bollywood le simply epic

  6. fenderCrush says

    Just finished watching the whole career of Dennis Villeneuve. I recommend all of his movies. Warning though, they’ll fuck you up a bit.

  7. neeschal00 says

    Seven psychopaths

  8. DontBelieveMyWord says

    Watch Arcane. It’s an animated series which I recently fell in love with

  9. Altruistic_Project63 says

    Dune. It’s visual and sound is fking awesome.

  10. tamangcrazii says

    No Mercy (2010).

  11. Wolf_0f_MyStreet says

    Genre vna im a big movie geek ill suggest u tons

  12. nomad_in_a_quest says

    12 angry men, psycho, dead poets society, goodwill hunting, perks of being a wallflower kk cha kk

  13. EvilWitchFetish says

    Few of my favourite movie from different genres

    The Wailing,,

    The sixth sense,

    Fight Club,


    Falling Down,

    Forrest Gump,

    The Art of Racing in the Rain,



    Lord of the rings,

    Butterfly Kisses

  14. thoughtvindication says

    Watch 13 Hours. It’s a war movie based on true story.

  15. hooloolooo says

    Me Earl and the dying girl

    Short Term 12

    The perks of being a wallflower

    Dead poets society

  16. hooloolooo says

    Me Earl and the dying girl

    Short Term 12

    The perks of being a wallflower

    Dead poets society

  17. jayesh_shrestha says

    good time, drive, the kid detective, the handmaiden, shithouse

  18. qkathmandu says

    If you’d like to watch something that’s really unique, I recommend the films of Yorgos Lanthimos. You can start with Dogtooth or The Lobster. The man has a style that is completely unique, something that is really rare these days.

  19. Low-Distribution-893 says

    If you like physiological thriller, watch Hindi movie ‘Kaun’.

    I feel it is one of masterpiece movie.

  20. Either-Beach-3217 says

    I watched ‘The Messiah’ on my break! A thought provoking show.

  21. Infinite__sadness says


  22. kamiketa says


  23. munamadan says

    Fantastic Mr. Fox if you want a comfy movie. Kiki’s Delivery Service is also a great one.

    Some Like It Hot for a good comedy movie. Hot Fuzz also. I also like Housefull very much.

    Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade for a good action adventure movie.

    Goodfellas to understand excellent directing. The Departed also. Tbh any movie by Scorsese.

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