Jorpati dhekhi Sundhara jana lai Pathao ko Natak

  • glm420-69 says

    i think tootle is cheaper…..

  • bikrame says

    Isnt that Old Tampo route ? May be they are following that.

  • snzimash says

    Max charging algorithm

  • Drafteow says

    nice curves

  • xubhaa says

    U could have asked them personally to go from shorter way and showed ur natak instead

  • asisingh says

    Does Google Maps show a different route?

  • Nick_Dai_05 says

    Fuck pathao install indrive

  • SaikyouMegane says

    Lmao they did this with me so I stopped using their service! Always routing the longest and busiest route for extra 💸💸

    I hope they go out of business!

  • mbinarybijay says

    Its how Google ApI work

  • x_arthur_j says

    First things first, Nepal ko mapping system is messed up. Road na bhako thau ma road huncha on the map ani one way/no entry haru ko matlab nai chaina janta lai plus payment system is also a problem. Cash dinda no change bhanyo bhanne arko tension. Garo cha hajur

  • Master_Cat2725 says

    Actually maile ni patyaira thena tara aja koteshwor bata kalimati janu parne ring road purai round laune dekhaidira instead of tripureshwor ko baato. tyo pani not in pathao but tootle. khai k vanne. ma ta use gardina yo app haru aba ta.

  • q-rka says

    Evil version of Dijkastra

  • SeaCanary7 says

    I feel you!!! I have to take the ringroad route from baneshwor to nakhipot… the app doesn’t show the shankhamul way causing to pay 50rs extra…

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