Janardan Sharma being FM might be the best thing for hydro holders.


Back some few years ago, when netas were required to disclose their sampati bibaran, Prachanda famously lied that he had only 3 tola gold and 1 (maybe) ropani land. Regardless, very few people might have noticed Janardan sharma disclosure that he has 50,000 shares in Hydroelectricty sector. He definitely has much more wealth than that, but the important thing to realize here is that he finds it easy/noble to show his wealth in hydro sector.

Recently, he has made it hyper easy for black money to whiten it through productive sectors. And hydro is at the top priority.

Now, for overall economy/corruption issues, this could be interpreted in different ways, but for those holding hydros I think he has become an angel guardian.

Plus, I have noticed that pretty much all the Maoist Center netas to be predominantly biased in favor of hydro sector. (Barshaman Pun once famously said that people will line up to give daughters to men with hydro investment. )

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