It’s like every adult I meet tells me I am slow-witted, akkado and laato.


Didn’t know I was supposed to rob your sanity at the very first meeting. Yesto ris uthxa muji haruu. I am like genuinely nice, tyasto “nice guy” vanne haina, just some basic human decency and sometime more.


  1. nomad_in_a_quest says

    Cut the toxic people out of your life. Be it family or friends. Mental peace over anything and anyone. Harek kura thahunu parcha, jannai parcha vanne ni chaina. Vandai garcha chikne tesle chai jiwan k nai khulkako cha ra arthi upadesh dina lai vanera sochdinchu ma chai.

  2. sochmamagna says

    Every adult tells that. That is their universal virtue. Nothing’s wrong with you .

  3. the_vain_one says

    I think what anyone thinks about you is more about them than it is about you..People will see what they want to see..

  4. UrMomaHola says

    Adults are still conservative in Nepal.

    Ho ma Ho milaidyeu ani afnu bato lagdyeu… You cannot avoid them always and tbh, you could need them at some point.

    All in all, don’t take them seriously bro!

  5. Lord_Voldermorttt says

    same ajja being jhapali and not being able to be witty enough makes it worse, “jhapali haina tme kina kei navaneko” vanchan, I just got nothing to say in my head k vannu k mah

  6. LightInVacuum says

    My brother let me tell you what humans are. We are self-replicating machines that repeat what they learn. Those people learned to say these things from their elders, their hearts might be in the right place but they just don’t know these types of comments could be hurtful for the other side. They didn’t learn any better, to be considerate enough, but the ironic part here is that they’re the dumb/slow-witted ones, who didn’t even figure such a general idea of decency towards others.

    Doesn’t that make you feel better and bigger than them? Why hate on such dimwits when you can learn so much more about human cognition and the way we all speak? Relax and don’t let dimwits bother you like this. You’re better than this bro.

  7. soberpanda2021 says

    Friends used to say something similar about me but then a few months later they used to come to me for advice and problems. One on one, I feel I am quite clever with my timing, I have made myself unapproachable to dher battho people, I don’t think I am an introvert but nowadays I just hate people and like to do my things. It’s your decency that’s foreign to them. Don’t change a thing about yourself (changing bad habits is obvious tho). And cut those fuckers away from life who think you are inadequate to them.

  8. manoj_5 says

    tyo vanne manchhe ko family member ko murder gardeu bro

  9. Master_Cat2725 says

    Get the fuck away from these shits.

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