Is there any point on taking bonus shares ?



  1. cuntrickygervais says

    Taking bonus shares or not depends upon how you perceive the market will after book closure day. If u think it’s going to be bull, take Bonus shares. If u think it’s going to be bear, sell before book closure day. Simple as this

  2. Dryhumor00 says

    Honestly i don’t also understand why people would buy shares on the end of book closing. But that doesn’t mean you should not go after bonus shares, Lets say i am a investor and bought a share when it was 700 and later it was announced to give 50% bonus shares. During the book closing date the share price rose to 1000 and after adjustment it went to 500, Now my single share of price 700 become 2 share of total price 1000. As an Investor that’s a solid return on passive investment.

  3. sup3rcalifragilistic says

    Ahile ko bull run maa, bonus share linu nai best hunxa, if you see rhe price hike. I don’t think the bull run will end this year. Suppose API hydro ko 10% bonus xa and 40% rifht share i guess which book close will. Be around mid September, ani adjusted price pachi pheri tye Price mai hike hunxa 1 2 din ghate pani again because of bull. People tend to believe that the price will again go up after bonuses.

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