Is Q4 report and book close same? Bank haru ko book close huna baaki xa ki vaisako?



  1. Fragrant-Advance-498 says

    Kando kha

  2. captainright1 says

    as of now NBL ADBL (good q4 report) GBIME are in good price. EBL is also a good buy.

  3. sinner_93 says

    Reports are published every quarter, Q1 to Q4 each year. Book close date is the threshold date until which you have to have the share to be eligible for dividends of the particular company.

    For bank info this might be helpful []( But remember that banks increase very slowly and need a lot o patience to see returns.

  4. dr_pantheraleo says

    Report aauxa AGM hunxa book close hunxa ani bonus dinxa.

    Derai dine madde euta nabil ho sasto masto uthaune ki mahango aafno aafno bichar le herera uthaunu.

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