Is it some healthy correction or the end to an amazing bull run?



  1. Samurai-ko-nati says

    Yo bhanda thulo correction, 51 companies haru ko list nikalda bhako thiyo. I still think it is a correction.

  2. berojgar_keto says

    Apart from the “12 crore” there is no hard reasons for the market to go into a bear mode…with the drastic decrease in volume the panic selling seems to have stopped …now we just require people to gain confidence to enter the market

  3. y4maa says

    support level break ta garya chaina bear suru bhayo bhannalai so hopefully it’s just a healthy correction.

  4. aadarsha2056 says

    Nobody knows the future of market so manage your risk such that you will be good wherever market takes you. This is time to sell your risky stocks book profits stop loss your trading and sit heavily on cash if market shows reversal confirmation you can re-enter there is nothing wrong in following the trend.

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