Is it plausible to get rich in Nepal from nothing now, doing mostly legit work/ business?


Yes it is possible but no one will tell you exactly what they did that got them rich.

Petrol pump, restaurants, night clubs, bars, hotels and real estate is the way to go.

However, if starting from zero – i recommend you to start with mobile phones/bikes and electronics repair shop.

i dont know whats your term of rich but hamro area ko masu pasal wala le 7/8 crore kamako xa.

ek jana uncle le ghar kindai refurbish gardai bechdai garera pani tons banako xa.

i also know some people making tons and tons education industry.

private clinics/dentists wala haru pani they net 2-10 crore a year easily.

Right location ko thamel/Ason/new road ko shopkeepers also net 1 crore + a year but tesma profit kati hunxa no one knows.

The thing is, there’s money in every industry – all you need to figure out is how to be first or how to be the best.

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