Is it okay to want to live separately from parents?



  1. procipher says

    Not bad thought but situation might not remain same forever.

    I had a neighbor once and there used to be verbal fight between son-father everyday but later when son started working and earning handsome salary, they are now best friend at least in facebook. Jhagada ni sunidaina aajkal.

  2. Creepy_Situation6793 says

    Leaving your parents house is the best thing anyone can do. If you look closely almost all species leave their parents when they are old enough to survive on their own. Hence first world countries….. when you turn 18 your responsible for yourself.

  3. Thyself_Alpha_Omega says

    Live separately from toxic bubble.

  4. PositionCharming3855 says

    is it bad to think good for yourself ??

  5. Plastic-Badger1837 says


    Bad son no.

  6. be-rojgar says

    Come here bro. Im in florida you share same family problm as me. Waiting u

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