Is calling someone bhai offensive?


I’m from India, and here bhai is a very common word, and a very nice way to address someone. I have used it to call my cousins and normal public in Nepal, because I felt it was normal, But I read a post on reddit which basically said it was demeaning to call someone bhai, is it not considered good?


  1. kanchajain says

    bhai in nepali refers to someone younger than you unlike india, so if you are not sure someones blatantly younger than you, you dont address them as bhai, some people do take offense, so its always good to address them as dai

  2. duffmanohyeah_ says

    I’ve been on both ends of this. So I came up with a rule. Anyone who’s +/- 5yrs than you is bro. Less than that bhai, and more is dai. Calling an unknown person bro is more appropriate than using dai/bhai straight away imo. Some might disagree though

  3. metalfrek says

    That’s why i use bro to everyone. Bro fits

  4. chatureko_daupech says

    On a related note, I always chuckled at Indians, especially marwaris using the term dai to ensure Nepalis aren’t offended. I’ve had many marwaris in their 40s and 50s call me “dai”. These were mostly used during business settings.

  5. PMmeYourWealth says

    A have a funny story regarding this. Generally in the UK if a Nepali man looks/is old enough to be the father of a guy (even if they never met them before) then they usually refer to them as ‘bhanja’ and ‘uncle’ to the other. The last time I went to the Nepal I was mid 20s and a guy that looked like 60+ yo called me bhai, was funny but I get it. So I just started refering to males that looked older than me as dai

  6. hardly_fiction says

    Yes and no. No, if the person is an acquaintance of yours and is also younger or if the person is just really really young. Yes, in every other scenario. It’s a very intricate subject matter so I’d just recommend you to address people by saying dai or daju to avoid any sort of weird looks or a straight up argument. That’s what I do and I’ve seen a lot of other people do that as well. It’s mainly out of politeness and also because its way better to mistakenly call someone dai then to call them bhai.

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  8. vivekkayastha says

    indian bhai is nepali dai. simple and respectful

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  10. 91blacksheep says

    Not really, no. Ego problems hola ni? I don’t mind people calling me bhai even when I know they’re younger than me. Tara time aouncha umer sodnu. Ani “ay ma bhanda jethi hunuhundo raicha” bhancha. It’s the narrow minded people who have a problem with it.

  11. Reasonable_Guess1927 says


  12. underscore_007 says

    Looks like people have answered your question. I had a question too and it’s genuine.

    Is calling someone from an Indian origin or Indian

    ‘bhaiya’ offensive?

  13. im_alright_ma says

    Socially, it might be offensive to people who assume they’re older than you.

    Professionally, I don’t recommend using dai/bhai, didi/bahini at all. All it does is set an invisible hierarchy amongst colleagues which limits growth, because it can be easy to abuse authority just because one things they’re senior when it comes to age. Ji/Jyu is more neutral in this regard.

  14. SampritYnj says

    Bhai means small brother. I would definitely get offended if younger ones call me Bhai but within friend circle I wouldn’t mind.

  15. Kokoro6969 says

    No but calling someone ‘didi’ surely is

  16. mrclan says

    People get offended with anything and everything these days. At the end of the day, your “tone” is what matters the most.

    You can call a very senior person bhai, or someone younger dai, if you say it in a light and polite manner without any repercussions.

  17. biscuits_six says

    call everyone ‘tapai’ until you get to know them and you’re good to go.

  18. off_white_777 says

    I hate when a stranger calls me bhai

  19. eddie8848 says

    Yes and No.

    If you are calling someone your senior, elder then people get offended.

    If you are calling someone your own age bhai then I could be offensive or passive agressive.

    If you call someone younger than you, who respects you bhai then you are okay.

    Moral. Don’t call anyone bhai. Call them bruh.

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