Insider trading vaneko k ho? Maile illegal ho vaneko pani sunxu. But yesko khasai news sunidaina. Insider trading situation k xah nepali market ma?


If you have some information about a scrip, which isn’t a public knowledge, that you know can affect the price movement, it’s the insider information. If you trade with trhat information, it’scalled insider trading.

For instance, you knew SEBON would publish list of overrated stocks. You act on that information and trade. That will be insider trading.

However, you read about the company. You have watched it closely. Each step that it takes. You know ita financials. You have seen its’ ceo interviews in TV…etc. You use these informations to trade. It wont be an insider trading.

Basically, NEPSE ma bhayeko comapany sabai public company ho. That means company ko barema information pani publically available huna parchha. You can use these informations and use it for future predictions. So you can look at XYZ company and guess yo company ramro chha, yesle yeti dividend dela and you invest. That wont be insider trading. However you know yesle yeti dela and you invest, it’s insider trading. You see sometimes, yesle garera insider trading ho ki haina taha huna garo hunchha. And other times, it’s obvious. For instance, 2 rupaiya ko hawa company, ekasssi baddai 10 rupaiya pugi sakyo. And ek hapta pachhi tyo company related kunai good news aayo…

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