Inflation Rises in Fifth Month of Current Fiscal Year, Trade Deficit Up 54.7%


Nepal Rastra Bank, the central bank of Nepal, has unveiled the current macroeconomic and financial situation of Nepal based on the first five month’s data of 2021/22.


The y-o-y consumer price inflation stood at 7.11 percent in the fifth month of 2021/22 compared to 2.93 percent a year ago. In comparison, the y-o-y consumer price inflation was at 5.32 percent in the fourth month of 2021/22. Food and beverage inflation stood at 5.67 percent whereas non-food and service inflation stood at 8.25 percent in the review month.

Import and Export

During the five months of 2021/22, merchandise exports increased 105.6 percent to Rs.102.92 billion compared to an increase of 5.1 percent in the same period of the previous year. Destination-wise, exports to India and other countries increased 138.0 percent and 28.5 respectively whereas exports to China decreased 1.4 percent. Exports of palm oil, soyabean oil, oil cakes, polyster yarn & thread, jute goods, among others, increased whereas exports of cardamom, tea, zinc sheet, wire, copper wire rod, among others, decreased in the review period.

During the five months of 2021/22, merchandise imports increased 59.5 percent to Rs.838.41 billion against a decrease of 9.6 percent a year ago. Destination-wise, imports from India, China, and other countries increased 44.6 percent, 57.8 percent, and 111.2 percent respectively. Imports of petroleum products, crude palm oil, medicine, transport equipment, vehicle and other par

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