In Response to Rising Risk of Covid-19, AGM of These Companies Will Now Be Conducted Virtually


In response to rising cases of Covid-19, the government has prohibited public gatherings of more than 25 individuals. As such, the following companies have issued their respective notice informing shareholders that their pre-planned AGM will be carried out virtually. While only these companies have issued the notice, it is safe to assume that all of the upcoming AGMs will have to be attended virtually if the pandemic scenario shows no sign of improving soon.

Bottlers Nepal Terai Limited (BNT) and Bottlers Nepal Limited (BNL) have both called their respective AGM on 28th Poush, 2078. This is the 35th AGM of BNT and 43rd AGM of BNL.

These are the agendas of BNT’s AGM:

1) Endorsement of financial re

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