I want to get into share but I literally have no idea about anything.


In 2017 my parents were like yesko naam ma ni share lirakhnu paryo. But I didn’t know anything I just remember signing few documents. Now I am older and want to invest myself but have no idea what they did. I know that I have few kitta from two companies. in 2017 my dad took me to NIBL for DEMAT account. I didn’t know what that was and when I asked he said tero share ko paisa NIBL bata NIC ASIA (where I have my bank account) ma aauxa. hamle yearly Rs. 100 tirna parxa. I didn’t understand much. Just that every year mero NIC ASIA account ma dividend vanera aairakhxa.

Now I don’t even know if I have an account with NIBL. I have some documents which I have no idea what they are. Can any one help me understand? So I have like a cheque book type thing from NIBL called DEBIT INSTRUCTION SLIP which has Depository Participant ID, Beneficial Owner ID and some username and passwords. Using that username and password I can login to this [website](https://www.nibl.com.np/demat/Account/Login.aspx) where I can see my holdings and stuff. I also have another document where it states that my CDSIL account is opened and activated.

That all I have. Can anyone explain what all this means? What do I have to do if I want to invest in IPO and stuff? My friends were like CRN linu parxa tyo kasari linxa? Sorry, I am really noob at this thing.

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