I want to create a library and a chill hangout place


Hey all, I want to create a sanctuary for people to read, spend time in, come together for gatherings, dream. I’m imagining a huge public library where people can check out books for free and spend time in

Funding will obviously be an issue and I have no intention of making money on it. Thinking I’d run it with donations or a bunch of cafe inside the building to pay for everything. Thoughts?


  1. sochmamagna says

    That is a cool idea . But you would have to deal with book thefts and will prolly need to make library cards and have a person to take care of books. The place needs to be bigggg tho ..

  2. casualsnek says

    library ma cafe vaye, cafe dherai chalxa ra book padhne vanda coffee ko glass ra book cover ko photo khichera insta ma halne wala aayera vid huna sakxa, maye free to read for 1 2 ghanta daily, ali basne wa book line vaye membership fees and donations too !

    Feri ramro afe vaye rent, ani books ra rent sajilai cover huna sakxa tara aghi kai issue hunxa !

  3. interestingexistence says

    Sounds great! Make library like space where you can read for hours and hours.. but make such space where you can bring your own books too. I’m saying this because the libraries i know don’t allow that. And yes! a touch of cafe in it also sounds cool because then, one could eat while reading and you could also earn some. Go, go, go! Go for it.

  4. dawson_ko_creek says

    >or a bunch of cafe inside the building to pay for everything.

    This might just work. All the best.

  5. qkathmandu says

    Where are you going to get all the books?

  6. nepoliketo says

    Count me in, if you need a friend. I have some similar ideas, i can share that, but have you thought of any location to implement it !!

  7. ast1twa says

    go for it…

  8. [deleted] says

    So basically a book cafe/ restaurants that’s all over the place lately.

    I almost got excited thinking it’d be more of a library/ study coven 🙁

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