I know all brokers are basically the same but



  1. JannyKto says

    Naasa ra saani securites bata nagara..naasa thulo rich lai dhyan dinxa while saani kasailai didaina..paisa ni dhila auxa..avoid these

  2. zenish77 says

    Vision securities is the one that I’d recommend

  3. atimas1234565 says

    naasa securities 58 pani ramro xa. Mero sabai family ko account tetai xa. Sabai online hunxa call bhanda mail ma badi response dinxan.

  4. rexizqt says

    Opal Securities is my recommendation

  5. NamXina says

    4 number, opal.

    I created there online. But I haven’t used their service yet. Reviews were good so created one there. Try it.

  6. tprototype_x says

    **another broker question in same post**

    I want to create tms online from any broker in butwal except arayatara as they said they does not accept online application.

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