I am short on cash and somehow a bit rough health condition.


I am short on cash as I am self claimed independent got fucked in the second month of independence. The way I was getting was from this freelance gig but, yet I am busy with some dumb assignment because your bro got to graduate.

With all the major life events happening, I am so fucking disturbed with only thing that is finance. All my stocks are in major loss. And, here I got just 10 Rs in my pocket.

The problem is I am so ashamed to ask money from my friends and family. I am just so helpless with this moment. And, what’s weird is I anticipated this life event for so long. Here it is.

The wild fuckery I am going with was adventurous but I got sick. I am having some headache and cold. This health thing is making the finance more terrible. Life was so good like about a week ago. And, now, it all seems broken apart.

While writing this I realized some genuine problem I got into after a long time. This is the time where I can’t have a blame game and get out of the rut on my own. I have to make it out in the situation. This moment will be worthy to remeness in coming years.

I don’t need suggestions. I just wanted to put it somewhere. I will dig into this shit on my own.

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