I am not able to study effectively…


i am a first year engineering student 19(M) and currently gave my first semester exam. I have to say i studied decently for my exams and expecting good grades then my exam went horribly wrong, made silly mistakes of 7th grade material shit.

I am distracted once in a while and i do totally black out at some moments but i dont know what am i doing wrong..

ma padheko hunxu but kina ho exam socheko jasto kahile janna. I recently think i have speed issues and will anything to do solve them. Sathi harule 3 ta chapter bhyako hunxa ani ma euta mai hunchu and i sometimes feel frustrated.. I seriously like studying and shit but socheko jasto kei nahuda ekdam frustrate hunxa, exam hall nervousness ni hudaina tara ramro garna sakirakheko chaina ailesamma.

If you all have any effective study/focusing/remembering/speed increasing tips that has helped you then please, i ask you to seriously share it sabaiko afno para hunxa but still, ive had enough of being a mediocre and want to be able to give my 100%.

and how do you all avoid distracting thoughts?

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