hydro hit circuits but ( please remove 33 character, I want to write topic not an essay)

  • crazybonehead69 says

    Maybe some good news are coming for hydro natra sabai hydros esto bidi ta badna naparne ho. Maybe right shares ni yo pali dherai dinxa ki. Just a speculation

  • Corn_eating_bear says


  • EntireSilver says

    4 weeks ago i wanted to sell Upper but mistakely bought 80 units at 685. Today i sold all 160 units at 795. Best mistake i have ever done in my life.

  • sarojhd says

    I sold KKHC, NGPL for about 250 and 360 last month. Also sold IPOs of RURU and CHDC at around 650 both.

    Sad times

  • romers33 says

    Do you genuinely think hydros at todayโ€™s price are worth it? Well itโ€™s literally courtesy of the market manipulators. I am interested to see the fate of these hydros.

  • OkMetal7130 says


  • Still-Possession1998 says

    They dont?

  • Lord_Voldermorttt says

    Mann I sold all my hydros last week

  • Mother-Award-2838 says

    When you are buying banks but hydros going boom boom

  • mootabhai says

    Natedar testai ho bro

  • Rdnepshare says

    Good hydros also give dividend!!

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