How was your day?


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  1. Turbulent_Piano_175 says

    Got rejected by crush,rest is history

  2. ProudNefoli says

    Studied maths all day. Exam tomorrow, wish me luck.

  3. DontBelieveMyWord says

    There was no electricity throughout the day. So me and my sister talked and bonded. It had been a while since we shared stuff. She talked about the guy she was dating. I talked about my future plans. We talked about our fucked up parents and childhood and how to heal from it. It was good

  4. LengthinessGreen780 says

    Worse man… Thought of doing something but rugha khoki is making me fucked… I always have to go to Kathmandu to breathe dhulo… I don’t know how am I going to live like this..

  5. S-Moriarty says

    Weighed 77 kilo…

  6. __eyeless__ says

    yomari choila banayo aja. tanna khaiyo

  7. dailyUselessFacts says

    slept at 6 in the morning, woke up at 9. office ko kaam ko lagi login nagarikana, 4 baje samma bed mai paltera youtube herdai base, 4-7 ekxin office ko kaam gare, garna sakina, manager lai jhut bole, aba feri youtube hernexu, nidauna sakiraxaina, kei productive garna man lagiraxaina. ghar ma phone nagareko 2 months bhaisakyo, bolna man lagdaina koisanga, not depressed just the way i am. only thing worrying me is ali procrastination.

    din dinai unhealthy khane kura haru matra khairaxu, been a month baira ko matra khairaxu, bihana diuso raati, waste like 1500 food ma., dinma.

    room bata naniskeko ni 1 month bhaisakyo, ori pari ko manxele maryo sochisakyo hola lmao.

  8. chilloputi says

    Aja massage garn gako,,,kando nikai nyano vako xa,,, very happy

  9. Kupim0 says

    As always, a bad day xD ajkal ta bihana pani na utham jasto lagxa.

    How was yours op?

  10. Unhappy-Storage9647 says

    Cried today while returning back to home cause I felt alone whole day even tho I was with my friends. I don’t want to be a part of that friend group anymore. They are good but I don’t vibe much with them these days :/

  11. hornyloky says

    slept whole day

  12. zlightyear says

    Nothing great. Just a normal day at work. Hung out with a couple of friends in the evening which was probably the best part of the day.

  13. savage_49 says

    Went to watch no way home after finishing my exam

  14. Maestitiaaa says

    Mundane.I leave for work when it’s dark and I come home when it’s dark.

  15. suvani88 says

    it was a v bad day

  16. dontknowwhattoname02 says

    Aja Dekhi exam suru bhayo Yaar bhole Nepali ma lai lastai audane

  17. soaked_croissant says

    Puspa heriyo aaja

    Tei hall ma basunjhel life ko sara worries haru lai birsiyeh and now I am back to preparing for IOE

  18. khoya171 says

    Office time ma ghumna gayo. Dada kada mathi basera online meeting basyo. It was a day well spent with friends. Dherai pachi gadi chalauda road rage bhayena.

  19. kk995 says


  20. -Apath- says

    Voli chem ko exam xa kei aauna pass hune aas xaina tanab xa

  21. differentthanusedto says

    Bati going fak fak

    Mood going fuck fuck

  22. Wolf_0f_MyStreet says

    Was Doing Good😹Vrkhar Doodh Purai Jalyo Yr

  23. ko_hou_timi says

    woke up with a good response message from a client in upwork. played competitive sports whole day. won some lost some. chatted with an old friend after a long time. another old friend called me to plan a meetup this weekend. been a good day

  24. psycho000oooo567 says

    Normal. Jaile ko tanaab ta ho

  25. Affectionate_Ride916 says

    Too much alcohol

  26. Tugboat_1 says

    Missing Nepal more and more lately. Things were simpler then and life keeps on complicating.

  27. Gollum-Gollum says

    I had a rough one but it’s my usual. Hope y’all had a good day.

  28. i_fuck_u3000 says

    U don’t wanna know, so I will just say I am good

  29. Low-Distribution-893 says

    Going great as always. No complain.

  30. toven_toricelli says

    Shit. And today’s also probably gonna be shit. Class 10, SEE, family problems, shit school, shit life.

  31. n0xinn says

    Jaywalking should be a crime, nearly hit a lady who was crossing while looking for vehicles on the oppposite road for ffs

  32. Undead_aatma says

    Woke up horny

  33. No_Emotion1993 says

    Just another Thursday.

  34. ARINKAME says

    Aba india ko college khulyo tya jane tayari 5th sem ko lai

  35. garimaadhikari says

    I’m missing my only friend who is currently living in US 🥺

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