Hold or Exit ? What’s your take on current market fall ?

  • direwolf367 says

    Adding commercial banks below 500 ones

  • bot907543 says

    Nice guys….some of comments are just like my saying. Most Microfinance are overvalued with 0 in account..and monsoon hit hard in economic good luck guys and thier is festivals everyone need to celebrate so option and predection is on your way….

  • snj12341 says

    Bought safe ones, even if the price decrease I’ll still get bonus/div. So HODLING.

  • Sandbox_01 says

    If you have torpe company then replace them with good performance company. Rotate your share

  • berojgar_keto says

    If you have a decent profit exiting can be a good strategy…otherwise there is no other option than hold unless you have some shitty hydros or finances

  • captainright1 says

    cannot say shit. hydros are still good for invest + trade (except shit ones).

    ddbl le pheri topi lagai diyo dherai lai. bank ko topi ni bandai cha.

  • stackoverflow7 says

    Hold garum, dherai ghati sakyo. 2800 muni gayo vane chi atinu parne huncha.

  • [deleted] says


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