Hello Stranger from Omgle!!!


There used to be this girl i met in omegle around 2016/17. We used to chat frequently for about a week or so and then again disappear and again reconnect(we shared some weird tags to find each other). I kind of developed crush in her just by chatting with her. She knew my name and everythin, i shared my fb insta but she denied. Idk if she’s on reddit and in this sub But if you’re here cmon let’s talk again …you know wherr to find me. Im that guy from wrc(you’d know though)


  1. MysteriousPosition85 says

    Even if she is here she might have already forgotten you bro!

  2. SuvayaManHunter says

    2016 is like almost 6 years back there is no way u’ll find her…but still worth the try ig

  3. [deleted] says

    She has a dick now

  4. teenspirit02 says

    Pulp fiction ko fan, ani wrc guy, daju bhai vibes aayo hai purai. Kun batch bro?

    US ma Nepali dekhne bitikai Nepali ho bro? Vanya jastai gare hai maile. Kei chaina tara.

  5. BallSnatcher09 says

    Hey thats me 🙂

  6. hostnab says

    yes I kinda get you, I met with a Filipina girl on omegle and then we chatted regularly on Telegram. I did start liking her but that’s about it, her uni was starting soon and so was mine so we ended it after a few months mutually. my point is such relations don’t last longer and therefore don’t expect much… peace.

  7. teenspirit02 says

    Ah . You’re lucky to get that username 😛 , ma 2069. Ekchoti na ekchoti ta pakkai ni handshake gariyo hola hai.

  8. dominic0504 says

    Hi, this is her husband. She told tell me about some guy she met on Omgle but she said she wasn’t interested in him cause he wasn’t her type. So sorry my guy. Just move on.


  9. chatureko_daupech says

    what kinda platform is it? Did you see the person? If you didn’t, what are the odds you were talking to a dude? Many dudes pretend to be girls and mess with others. This used to be a huge thing on Nepalnews chat and yahoo chatrooms back in the days. When you’re young, lonely or horny, you are in your most gullible state. ask yourself if you were one of three or all of the above?

  10. Analyst-66 says

    good luck on finding her

    was she nepali or foregin girl?

  11. [deleted] says

    Mans must really be down bad. Lol remembering some random chick from some random app

  12. Alexxx2424 says

    Sorry to hear this man. I used to be on Omegle on some point. Met few friends who I am still in contact with. However, I found its more toxic than it is. You kinda seek things online and forget what’s around you. You get more dragged into online world with someone who you can never met. So, forget Omegle and move on.

  13. PotaatoOnRoids says

    Guy came to find the girl, met many of his college bros!

  14. gosanket says

    Mero 5 years ko gf le ta 2 years ma birsi diyo malai bro. Timilai Omegle ma bhetako crush le ajhai yaad garcha jasto laagcha? Saat Top ko salami bro lai.

    One kickass solution to find her:


  15. Low-Distribution-893 says

    Forget it is simple answer and don’t try to remember to make sure you forget about it.

  16. nepoliketo says

    > i shared my fb insta but she denied.

    this is the answer man… move on…. life has a long way to go…

  17. anzannnx says

    WRC bro…

    Wrc dekhnibitikai daju vai vibes aaune 😂

  18. ilovemasubhat says

    Oh Shet sorry bro already fucked her ass

    A day before yesterday

  19. Maestitiaaa says

    2016 was a while ago. She’s probably married ~~with a pr wala uncle~~ or with somebody by now.

  20. mr___canada says

    I was active in omegle during that time. PM me more details. I can locate her.

  21. PositivelyNegative- says

    Good luck

  22. ZoroAsAkatsuki says

    Dude got no chill 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  23. Return_of_the_Mafia says

    wrc ko bro, behal theo hai clz m? kun batch ho? passout vaisakeko hola aaile samma ta, 2016 ko kura vanesi. bct faculty ho? k gardai chhau ta aaile.

  24. baldur_imortal says

    Aile biha bhaera 2 wata bachha bhaisakyo hola

  25. 91blacksheep says

    Nice story. Haha. 5 years ma k huncha huncha bro. Good luck.

  26. baathebadsheep says

    It might be a he

  27. heroforreal says

    You do you bro.

  28. HAHAHA0kay says

    Bro stop simping and give up

  29. enumeler says

    Sorry bro but you may not be the only one

  30. Affectionate_Ride916 says

    Good luck man thats all i can say

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