hello pleasee


i am wreked. i feel numb. ajha college ma e sabda bolena fr ek sabda pani .not even a single world. Yesterday i told my classmate how i feel for her . she said she has BF. I am having hard time lmfao. IK all this sound so funny . Me being 17 and wanting relatinship this bad idk why. I just cry sometime tetikai. khali khaali mahasus huncha bela bela. any idea how to overcome this feeling?? Anyway don’t make fun down in commment . IK i am sounding childish but idk k ho k . bed ma matra basna mann lagcha


  1. TheHimalayanRebel says

    You will laugh at yourself one day aile ko kura samjera. Don’t give yourself pain. You are just in your teens. This is normal, man. You will be thankful for this life when they start loving you when the right person comes in. Don’t worry bro.

  2. Hoomankid says

    First few days are always hard. Coping garne tarika sab ko afno afno huncha. Just don’t try to think negative about yourself or let this have a huge impact on your life. Distract yourself, shut down chai hunu vayena.

  3. Samurai-ko-nati says

    Pratik bhai, euta kt le jabo reject handyo bhandaima chitta nadukhau. Jiwan ma ajhai dherai reject huna cha, jastai job ma, relationship ma, etc. Yetikai haresh nakhanu, rejections and failures should make us a better person and not the opposite. So, use them to grow and become the best version of yourself.

  4. pencilvsme says

    Bro, 17 ma yestai huncha. Get out, get moving and make a good career. 5/7 jana girlfriend dhukka huncha. First ma ho dukha lagne… seconf third ma ta dukha ni lagdaina. Relax bro. Focus on yourself.

  5. procipher says

    Boro, yeta reddit tira 35 ko uncle haru comment handai basira chhan, timi 17 ma gf le reply garena vanera tension ma basirako? Haait.

  6. Beneficial_Traffic71 says

    dont trip dog, you’re young and probably dumb and you’re still trying to figure out that one thing in your life, just dont overthink it. You’ll notice in the future that you worried about nothing but a very small stuff that nobody cared about. People are busy trying to figure out there own shit and probably don’t judge them either.

  7. Shot-Collection9243 says

    Tesko Bf patta lagau , tesko ni kt sathi hola tesla sathi banau , yea she knows u love her it won’t happen not a problem . (Suruma friendzone dekhi nai start garne ho)Kehi din kura gara notes haru ko bare ani aru hobbies haru ko barema bistarai approach gara u can always find flaws in his bf try approaching their classmates and his female friends specially. Yea soon there will be break up just a teenage love so now u can slide in and try to comfort her . (Purpose time) now she is urs .

  8. TheSatanist_666 says

    That feeling is temporary man don’t dwell on it. I went through the same phase too. During the 1st week or so my heart felt so empty and you get that feeling of despair. Kasto ho kasto feeling k heart feels so damn empty that while breathing you don’t feel like you are breathing feels like there some heavy rock pressing against your chest. Everyone goes through this feeling once in their lifetime where it’s because of love or something else.

    Timile bistarai bistarai birsinxou with time. As one of the redditor said you will laugh at your self thinking of this incident. Just focus on yourself, do something time consuming that you don’t have time to think about your heartbreak. Just don’t do something stupid because of a small heart break.

    Take care of yourself.

  9. khoya171 says

    Yestai ho bro sometimes you get your heart broken sometimes you break others heart. You will find someone that will love you and you will love. You are 17, balla ta life start bhairacha.

  10. Affectionate-Bet-447 says

    Testo kti pachi lagne haina hau sathi. Focat tmi afu lai judge garchau. Chill basa afno kaam ma kaam rakha. Aba tesko bf hundaima tmro k galti cha low feel garna lai.

  11. nomad_in_a_quest says

    Hamile ni jindagi ma yesta chutiyapa garya ho. Aaile yesto dekhda chai wakka lagne racha. This shall too pass.

  12. Known_Relative4667 says

    bro you are not sounding childish you are a fucking child. 17 18 mai ho yo laida lasan sanga jhelne …have patience and you’ll be fine as fuck

  13. savagechims says

    Happens to everyone. When i was your age i too felt as if the world would end when i would break up with someone. I always thought the person i was with then was my “the one true love”, but they werent, i look back now when half of are married and half of them i dont even talk to. So if you feel this way and someone tells you “its just a phase”, they are probably right. Move on. Time heals.

  14. snj123451 says

    Em vary dispressed sed lyf

  15. Altruistic_Project63 says

    Parents ley lakhau tirera college pathauxan kta haru crush ley girlfriend ley reply diyenan vanera depressed hudai padhai lai baal didainan. Yo age vaneko aba career banauna k garnu parxa vanera janney umer ho testa kt ko paxi nalaga.

  16. JuliusSeizure90 says

    There really needs to be another sub reddit for all these nepalese relationship related problems.

    These kind of posts are just sad for a subreddit that used to be small, compact and with genuinely interesting discussions.

  17. sagarapher says

    Bro यस्तै हो आउदै गरेको जवानी। मैले पनि भोगेको छु। आफ्नो त झन सॅाझ प्रपोज गर्ने भनेर गिफ्ट ल्याएको, दिउसो ३-४ बजे खबर फैलीयो केटि त आफ्नो ठिटा सॅगपो भागेछ। साला म पनी के कम? घर आए रामकृष्ण ढकालको “ओराली लागेको हरीणको चाल भो”, “चरीले त छाडेर गै हाली” जस्ता गीतहरु सुने। एक छिन रोए, अनी सम्झिए त्यो केटिले हगेको गु , गु को बास्ना, हगेर चाक पुछेको (धोएको) अनी छि-छि-छि भन्ने लाग्यो॥ 🤣😂🤣

    त्यसैले आज भोली सम्झदा हॅासो लाग्छ र now I get much more better then her के। जिन्दगी लास्टै लामो छ मेरो राजा। अहिले १७ वर्ष पुग्नु भयो, ३०-३४ सम्ममा त थोरैमा ५ जना सॅग लव परेर नी धोका खानुहुन्छ महासाय। त्यसैले “काली गए गोरी आउछ र गोरी गए काली” आफ्नो बाटो आफै बनाउने हो त्यसैले पढाईमा ध्यान दिनुस बोरो॥

  18. SpendCultural3491 says

    nah man nothing childish 17 nai ho love sove parney crush hunney time prime time tbh …. dw idk kati ko attached bhako theu tara bistari you will realize the fact that “sab ko life ma ekjana atti maan parney aucha love garney and shes not the one for you” no matter how much the ‘present you’ is sad the ‘future you’ will get over her ani find someone else and love them more than you love this girl rn. so just hold on?

  19. Wolf_0f_MyStreet says

    Haha first rejection yestai ho vai Dont worry itll pass theres tons of other womens out there

  20. lulu_lama says

    Focus on other things or your self. Kaile Kai kt lai yes ra no ma decision dina time lag cha. Tension lida mai no bata yes hudaina. Stay strong buddy.

  21. crocskat says

    Bro ek dui barsa aagi ko mero aafnai yaad dilayeu timile. I was like this too but i actually managed to get the girl i had a crush on but we broke up in the lockdown. Ghar mai vako vayera idk how but handle gare. Aba pahile gareko kura haru, chat haru call recording garu sunera aafailai hass uthcha.

    You just have to keep yourself strong and get something to do when you feek like you’re sad like reading books or games… Small things help. I can share my story if you want something to waste your time too 🙂

  22. aayush_shres says

    malai ni yestei vako thiyo. next day college ma tyo kt lai herna ni sakeko thiyena laaj le. but you will get over it. aile ta samjera ni hasuthxa. aba tyo kt ko bare ma dherai nasocha. suru suru ma ta tyo kt vanda aru kasailai maya gardina jindagi vari vanera sochthe ma reject vaye paxi. sab lai hunxa yesto. bistarei you will move on and find someone else

  23. Optimal_Passenger_24 says

    I had same kinda situation some 3 years ago 11 class ma bharkhar aathe

    Chasma ra Braces le garda no one used to approach on me

    tyo bela aafu jastai laagne ( Normally Boys Harule naramri sochne) keti lai testai propose garey usle pani friendzone gardiyo and Then class 11 sakiyo ani 12 ko exam hune bela lockdown bho tetibela bolam bhanne socheko Mero self respect le garda bolina Tyo lockdown ko time ma I started preparing for IOE entrance ani Luckily Naam niskyo ramrai college ni paiyo aile tyo bela tyo keti prati dekhaako obsession dekhauda tyo bela ko aafulai samjhera haaso lagcha

    tyo bela pratyek kura ma aafu kei ramro nabhako feel hunthyo

    aile Tyo sab kura haru long term ma matter gardo rainacha bhanne thaha bho

    Teenage ma yo sab infatuation haru normal ho just aafu ma self control ra self respect bhanne chij huna parcha

    Work hard instead of focusing on these kinda things kinaki long term ma nothing really matters at all

  24. AggressiveBreakfast3 says

    Try not to date your classmate/colleague in future. The awkwardness is too high if things don’t work out. Try to find someone outside your immediate circle. The world isn’t as narrow anymore.

  25. leena2123 says

    Hey, I understand that it might be difficult for a few days or even months. But know that it will get better eventually. Aile, you might be feeling as though your world has fallen apart but you are just 17 so please please know that you have enough time to date. And no I don’t think you sound childish so please don’t invalidate your emotions like that. I know that most of us here have already gone through a similar phase so it’s okay, your emotions are valid. If you want to, it is okay to cry sometimes. But please don’t think that a girl can make or break your world. At 17, there is a lot that you are able to do to enjoy and live freely; go out with your friends, go to school/college, talk to new people, and just have fun. Bed maa matra nabasnu, esso baira jaanu, haawa khaanu, spend time with your loved ones. For now, just know that it’s okay to cry and feel sad, but please make sure you eat and sleep well. I have friends who have been in a similar situation but they are all doing amazing right now so don’t lose hope. I’m just 2 years elder than you so I can understand how it feels to be heartbroken at 17. Trust me, you will be able to overcome this. All the very best!

  26. -HiddenSun- says

    You don’t sound like child , you are a child.

  27. the-weird-dude says

    Fap it out dude. (Not more than twice a week)

  28. A0rs says

  29. deway099 says

    yes overcome by finding a relation with some girl ,join r/hookups_nepal and post your feeling !

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