Finally.. This is how topi looks like guys

  • sandy3468 says

    Just wait n watch guys will surprise….any moment there will be bullish reversal so don’t empty ur portfolio….add those stocks which have declined the most and are fundamentally strong ..

  • sandy3468 says


  • [deleted] says

    Palpali dhaka nai po raicha ta..😅

  • ItsThatGopumGuy says

    Yo mann ta mero, nepali ho

  • LLLLLawliet says

    Aaja jamara lako hola hoina?

  • Ohh_Rambo says


  • gaurav_g12 says

    mutu hunele trade garchha🤣

  • iwillgotohell448 says

    why are people making it this big?? bigger correction has happened just last year. market had to be closed after it went down by 6%. always after these big dips, market has shown strong bull move.

  • travelersboy says

    Today is the day of “DHAKA TOPI DIWASH”.

  • Corn_eating_bear says

    Dhaka topi ho?

  • tprototype_x says

    the guy is still smiling

    added in TIL

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