Does ncell make a in-person call to inform you about their various schemes?


Today I got a call from a unknown mobile number where a women claimed she was from ncell and wanted to tell me abt various ncell scheme I was qualified for. I have always received text msg from ncell so was this call real or not?


  1. alladin316 says


  2. LeeJongSukEyeMole says

    Is this voice phishing?

  3. quasi-stellarGRB says

    Yeah, back in 2014. She called me about an offer. i was traveling, so i requested her to call me back. But she didn’t.

  4. EventuallySpooky says

    No. they don’t.

  5. handsomejack777 says

    All the fucking time. They even tell you how much you spent on data/call and you should subscribe to this package.

  6. procipher says

    Prank ho ki Ncell le Intern rakhyo 😀

  7. aniyamit_keta says

    Yess, Ncell ko number bata phone aaucha tara recorded message play huncha not an actual person speaking.

  8. nomad_in_a_quest says

    I used to work as ccr for at a point of time, i have heard that there something called outbound call center(ours was inbound) at different location and they used to make sales call. Also these calls are rare and mostly targeted to postpaid and special sim users, as far as i have heard.

  9. buffchhoila says

    Yes they do.

  10. khoya171 says

    Yes. And their call goes straight to spam lol.

  11. dawson_ko_creek says

    When I went to the Ncell centre to get a new sim card, I had to stand in front of the counter while the girl proceeded to tell me about the various schemes and offers for what seemed like 5 minutes. I was not interested at all, but I politely listened. The next day I got a call from Ncell on my new sim and the girl at the other end started to tell me about the various schemes and offers. I stopped her, told her that I already knew about all their schemes and politely hung up. Small victories.

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