Corruption in Nepal and Media Coverage.


Hot take.

I know it’s fucking disheartening to see so many corruption cases pop up.

But I say, that’s actually a good thing.

I’m glad to see there’s people working to expose these oligarchic assholes.

Now it’s up to us to keep the pressure on and hold these punks accountable. Either in the court of law (preferably), or through the arms of the people (as a last resort).

A somewhat free press is one of the few things Nepal still has going for it. Make it count.


  1. tsaroz says

    Yes. If we practice democracy and freedom of press for long, the change would be slow but it would be in positive path.

  2. nomad_in_a_quest says

    I am thoroughly unsatisfied with nepali mainstream media. Its always about “Pradhanmantri le aja baithak garnu vayo” “mantri aale le yeso vane” “oli le yesto vanyo”.

    Majority of news revolves around these fuckers and there is very few detailed news with ground reporting about general problem of Nepal. Why no talks of unemployment and people going aboard. Why no stats and facts on economy. I don’t know whats going on in rukum, jarjarkot. My problems are not addressed. These media serves their political agenda and nothing much.

  3. Accomplished_Cat_404 says

    Corruption ko cases bahira ayeko thik ho, laharo tanda paharo ayucha ki! But I don’t have any hope in court of Nepal, aba chief justice nai corruption ra solicitation ko ongoing case cha, aba tyo lay k justice diyela.

    Aba feri janta nai agadi ayerea mathi ko manche lie accountability khojnu parcha. Pressure continuously dinu parcha government lie as a citizen ki tyo sabai corruption ko paisa ra manche haru ko lekha jokha hunu parcha.

  4. hut_stuff says

    Tara huni Wala kei chaina ni. Disheartening kura tyo pu ho. Esta news ta Kati aaye Kati gaye.

  5. ilovetheantichrist says

    I have seen you fetishize revolution a lot but at the same time defend rich people and capitalists on here , some revolution you wage by defending the very people causing the fuckery right now 🗿

    Same goes to that other guy commenting here Himalayan rebel I think his name lol

  6. pixelated__pixel says

    Yo Sab Cases Haru Kei Din Ramro FollowUp Hunxa, Ani aafai Selauxa, Kasaile Chaso Nai Rakhdaina Or Chaso Rakhna Khojney Ley Ni K Vayo Thaha Paudaina.

    Yesto Chai Kasari Hunxa ??

  7. syouknoweverything-s says

    Kohi muji Eo bharatiye hoki cia ko dalal lai gun liera deu ta… khali gun gun bhancha, k chai garne raicha kunni?aja revolution, revolution wala propaganda matra kura garcha ta… last ma arko Maoist type Ko revolution liera feri thousands of Nepali marne plan ta hola haina?? haha

  8. kamiketa says

    You must be new around here. Lol

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