Company Analysis/Due Diligence on r/NepalStock every week… participation requested!


We are starting a new Weekly Company Analysis series on the sub-reddit. While we cannot guarantee it will be a professional fund manager/Chartered Analyst-level analysis, we as a community can benefit from learning the basic terms, key indicators and other key parameters that must be researched before investing in a particular stock. We as a community can also provide feedback on the analyses and help make them better every week.

Those who are interested and are fluent in any technical/fundamental/due diligence/SWOT analyses, please send me a DM and I will provide you with the details.


  1. skamajama says

    The daily thread is really down from the peak 150 comments a day phase. Maybe a case of sticky blindness where people just ignore the stickied post. Its a thing that happens in every subreddit.

    I think there should be a weekly news roundup post where people post some interesting articles/blog posts or just share any link related to Nepse. There are just too many websites to keep track of. It could garner more engagement here.

  2. Comfortable_Fun_4764 says

    I am also interested

  3. Yikings-654points says

    Hydros are the Easiest .

  4. CollectionEcstatic15 says

    I am also interested

  5. meetRojan says

    As a beginner i want to participate but need guidance on the way. Thank you mod

  6. mishan11 says

    Aye Aye, captain.

  7. pantera_leo says

    also need someone who can provide first hand information of boom boom

  8. dbeee74 says

    This is amazing!! I’m a total beginner and people like me will be able to learn alot through this, thankss mod!!

  9. exceededprism says

    Great initiation

  10. sh_animated says

    i am also interested but not very fluent in analysis, just a learner , do text me if there is a place for me!!

  11. Snoo-88765 says

    I am interested.

  12. AbbreviationsLoose says

    Great initiative, Dai.

  13. Thyself_Alpha_Omega says


  14. TheChoosenPosition69 says

    Great initiative daju

  15. -No-One-Nepal says

    I am interested

  16. cuntrickygervais says

    ooo im so down for it mod

  17. mediocre7 says

    Tum bahut mast kaam karta hai u/JackThorne30 bhai!

  18. HYPE_ZaynG says

    I’m down for it.Though I’m not a professional at analysing a company,I’d love to be a part of it.As a beginner,all I want to do is take feedbacks from professionals,learn more about stock market and analyse on my own.


  19. reminges says

    Would love be part of it but exams coming in dec.

  20. aadarsha2056 says

    u/JackThorne30 you are doing great job making an organized community.

  21. sudin36 says

    Great,As a beginner this would be great learning opportunity for me.

  22. asmr10 says

    Hey mod, let’s do one thing we can put our all views, analysis and information on particular script every week. we can get different angle both bearish and bullish.Individual biasness can be removed by doing so.

  23. agni20-20 says

    Finally, this subreddit will become what it was made for

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