Color Blind


I just found out I am color blind. I can’t separate red-green color properly. I am 100% sure I can’t pass the color blindness test. I have my license appointment tomorrow. What can I do now?


  1. jungeyyy says

    Don’t worry about it. You can go to any eye clinic or hospital and make a report of colour blindness.

    I faced that problem on the biometric date itself. I was so worried but they told me to bring the report and I will be good to go. I went to Dristi Eye Clinic and they made me a report in just 10 min.

  2. BangoPucchar7576 says

    Sabai lai Ishihara’s test nai sodxa ki kya ho. Ans ratde hunxa?

  3. anubias123 says

    Biometric sakkau. Last ma eye test aucha, don’t go for it. Go outside talk to the photocopy shopkeepers. They’ll take 2k and call some people and do the rest, go home come back and take the form from them.

    I’m colorblind too. I did the same. Cheers.

  4. throwaway1923931 says

    Bruh you’re screwed my guy. There probably could have been a way If the issue was something else but if your colorblind, chances are you’ll fail tomorrow. I’m not trying to scare you but that probably is the expectable outcome.

  5. procipher says

    Don’t worry. There are multiple colors other than red-green. So, chance is you could recognize at least 70-80% letters. Also, they might neglect few mistakes as you are in long queue and already tired.

  6. internettraveller99 says

    Hey can you reply to this bholi farkepachi k bhayo bhanera? I also need info regarding this.

  7. ilovemasubhat says

    Your fucked mate

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