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I wanna do something in Nepal, without going abroad.

every one goes abroad after +2 but I want to do something staying in Nepal

interest ta IT field ma pani xa tara scope xaina vanxan nepal ma so,

can anyone give me suggestion on what field to go on?


  1. procipher says

    Ko ho tyo Nepal ma IT field ko scope chhaina vanne? Mero DM ma pathaideu, teslai 104 degree ko jworo aune gari bujhaidinchu.

  2. zealousvirus2 says

    There are a lot of opportunities in Nepal, if u become aware of it. Get out of your home. Travel. Talk to common folks. Everyone complains. Listen and Think out of the box. Then provide solutions based on your education. It may be a simple solution for a “common man/woman” basic need. Start with a focus group. Follow the “waterfall” method. Once you start to see some results, replicate. You may succeed or fail. Learn from your failures. Don’t congratulate yourself too much on your success. But above all, learn to have fun and enjoy along your journey/path.

  3. nandaka4 says

    Bro IT is the only field jasko scope babal xa. Thaere are so many things you can choose from pentesting,ML,Fontend/Backend/Fullstack engineer, Data analyst, data scientist, UI/UX engineer and many more.

    But you have to be good at it. Otherwise scope xinna. Most of IT/CS graduate doesn’t even know how to operate or work in linux environment. Ani ghanta ko scope hunxa tw.

    Bro project based learning gara scope jatti ni xa.

  4. be-rojgar says

    If ur ultimate goal is to go abroad go now, but wanna do sth in npl explore there enhancing skills. If u became employee nep it companies pay penny with flooded work but a good professional gets six figure here.

  5. New-Rub8459 says

    i am sure scope chaina vanne haru they themselve havent studied the subject, so their opinion doesnt matter, study the subject and find it yourself.

  6. Complex_Brush_4855 says

    This is exactly how I felt 5 years ago and I regret the decision every day of my life.

  7. nemoisback says

    Those who say there is no scope in IT are people who aren’t ready to self-learn or haven’t been out of 9-5 job. I know a lot of people earling 3+ lakhs a month working remotely for foreign companies.

    If you think the things you learnt during your degree would help you secure a job in IT then you’re completely wrong. This is a field where you require constant update on latest tech n tools. I have 3+ yrs into programming and still feel I need to learn more.

  8. Turbulent_Piano_175 says


  9. growingsomeballs69 says

    Kathmandu basxau timi?

  10. Wolf_0f_MyStreet says

    Scope Vnda ni salary kaam Ho💀Freelance Grey u can earn tons

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