Can you get a refund on a non-refundable airline ticket?


Bought a ticket to Nepalgunj(from ktm) and the weather there sucks asssholeee, omfg the fog there is thicker than kardashians asses combined. Flights been cancelled for two days straight. Mug ghar gayera afeile mitho sanga pakaako maasu bhaat dabauna manthyo saley weather le garda yehi basechu hostel ko khaana khayera, wakkaa lai sakyo yar, saley yaha ani ramro biryani khaney thau ni chaina, chor mug biryani adda maa 700 lagyo, serves for two re tesko bajey, eklei dabaundaa ni pet bharena.

Anyone here from aviation agencies? If I remember correctly there was a guy in this sub who was into planes i guess? aay bro can you help me? im pretty sure he can help idk

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