But I thought you said first floor


Is first floor the floor above the ground floor or the ground floor itself?

I know the difference between the British and American usage. But how do you deal with this, especially in writing? I tend to write β€œβ€¦the first floor (the floor above the ground floor)” when I want to make sure there is no confusion.

**Edit:** Looking at the replies, I think there is a squid game potential here. You pair up r/Nepal members in pairs of two, hand everyone a picture of a house, and then ask each pair to point out the first floor without looking at each other’s answer. If the pair’s answer match, cool.


  1. nomad_in_a_quest says

    Yes. Ground Floor and then first floor.

  2. 3ff3ct3st says

    When you say first floor, it is the one above ground floor.

    When you say 3 talla ko ghar, it is the home with ground, first and second floor.

    Ma chai yesari bujchu.

  3. kanchajain says

    we nepalese follow both the systems, some of us follow the british, some the american, these kinda things will always be puzzling for non native english speaking nations

    i personally follow the british system, but most of my friends follow the american system, so tya pani confusion xa

  4. Koi-Pani-Haina says

    2nd talla in Nepali means 1st floor

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