Bsc. Csit graduates or the ones that are currently studying it



  1. depressedcompiler says

    padhai wise sabai ustai ho. padhne afu le ho youtube ma tanna videos paincha. side ma skills develop gardai jane ho. the better question to ask is what kind of college life do you want and what college will you get it in.

  2. junsui833 says

    K best vanna khojeko bro? TU ko CSIT syllabus nai old xa. Very outdated. Sabai naya naya technologies ra frameworks haru aaffai online maa resources khojdai sikney ho. IT field vaneko doctor pilot jasto haina. Skills ra random college ko random IT related course maa degree vaye pugxa job land garna.

    If you want to pursue your study further up to masters, then it’s a different story.

  3. Artistic_Ad_1978 says

    Collage vanda ni kehi IT related stuff You tube bata coursera udemy course ligerw tehi related Intern garda dherai sikinxa varu –2nd year ma collage bata drop out vako kto ko shujav🤣🤣

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