Broker not paying in time. Where Should I complain?


Flaky_Active9876 says

BNo. 49 hasn’t refunded my collateral of 15K. After calling for one week daily, they finally refunded 5K and it’s been almost 3weeks eversince, they haven’t fully refunded yet. I called their hotline number and pressed 2 (for lekha sakha). They always say “aaja beluka samma aauxa” or “bholi samma aauxa”. But it never happens. Last time I called, they said, “Yo ta account dept. ho hamlai collateral thaha hunna.” I was like WTF. Everyday they tell me “aaja beluka aauxa” and now you are saying “hamilai thaha hudaina!” So where do I contact? They said they would transfer the call. They did. Ring went on for 5mins but nobody answered. This happened almost 2weeks and I’m not even calling them these days……

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