ASBA Fees and Charges in Nepali Banks

ASBA Fees and Charges in Nepali Banks

Application Supported by Blocked Amount (ASBA) is an acronym for Application Supported by Blocked Amount. It’s a method of applying for public/rights issues by putting the money for the application in a bank account.

C-ASBA ensures that bank account numbers and DMAT account numbers are posted and verified centrally. It makes it easier for issue managers and share registrars to keep track of duplicate applications, cancel duplicate applications, and prepare a final report for securities allocation. Mero Share Application is a CDSC-developed online system that allows shareholders to apply for IPOs, FPOs, and rights issues after registering with C-ASBA.

The table below shows a list of commercial banks, as well as their ASBA fees per application.

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ASBA Charge In Commercial Banks

1 Agriculture Development Bank Ltd. ADBL 10
2 Bank of Kathmandu Ltd. BOKL 10
3 Century Commercial Bank Ltd. CCBL 25
4 Citizens Bank International Ltd. CZBIL 20
5 Civil Bank Ltd. CBL 10
6 Everest Bank Ltd. EBL 20
7 Global IME Bank Ltd. GBIME Free
8 Himalayan Bank Ltd. HBL 20
9 Kumari Bank Ltd. KBL 10
10 Laxmi Bank Ltd. LBL 25
11 Machhapuchchhre Bank Ltd. MBL 10
12 Mega Bank Nepal Ltd. MEGA Free
13 Nabil Bank Ltd. NABIL Free
14 Nepal Bangladesh Bank Ltd. NBB Free
15 Nepal Bank Ltd. NBL 25
16 Nepal Credit and Commerce Bank Ltd. NCCB Free
17 Nepal Investment Bank Ltd. NIB 20
18 Nepal SBI Bank Ltd. SBI 25
19 NIC Asia Bank Ltd. NICA Free
20 NMB Bank Ltd. NMB 20
21 Prabhu Bank Ltd. PRVU 1
22 Prime Commercial Bank Ltd. PCBL 25
23 Rastriya Banijya Bank Ltd. RBB Free
24 Sanima Bank Ltd. SANIMA Free
25 Siddhartha Bank Ltd. SBL Free
26 Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Ltd. SCB 100
27 Sunrise Bank Ltd. SRBL 25
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Note: The ASBA charges are updated by the banks on a regular basis. As a result, the above figure may not be accurate at this time.