Artificial inflation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . .. . . . .. . . . .. . . . . . . ..


Seen these brain dead buys amount from a single or few people to forcefully make people buy at a higher price. KSBBL here cause I just trade it few days ago . Seen it with GFCL too.


  1. Expensive-Emu-9676 says

    time time ma refresh garnu bhanchu ma ta..

  2. Sandbox_01 says

    These thula laganikarta are now looking to dump all of their share at higher price. There are some good company too in their pump & dump scheme but there are way over price now.

    I’m staying away from the market for now.

  3. Dryhumor00 says

    Balla 4 rupya kaam ma taw order rakheko xa, Teti ma taw halka fluctuate vayera ghatyo bhane uthaidine daar hunxa. Brain dead order or fake demand ali low price rakhxan yo bhandaa.

  4. Negative_Secret_00 says

    don’t see anything unusual here, instead watch ICFC market depth at the last minute, it’s interesting over there, Tandav huncha.

  5. berojgar_keto says

    How are they forcing people to buy at higher prices?? …most of the buy orders are at prices lower than the LTP…. dont get why people are so concerned about market depths….if you are trading based on market depth than you are doing it wrong

  6. crazybonehead69 says

    Just stay away from such stocks

  7. lockerbreaker says

    I don’t see any clue from these market depth. Isn’t it technically normal?

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