Are you people optimistic about market?

  • [deleted] says


  • simpleman-_- says

    Keep calm. Hydro tala jharnu inevitable theyo so jharyo. Bank haru ma testo massive drop ayeko chaina. Ramro stock haru ma lagani garau ani pratiphal khau ananda le.

  • aadarsha2056 says

    yo technical analysis ko badnam garne kam banda garam ta aile jasari herda pani market bearish cha thulo thulo selling aayeko cha fundamentally herda pani market bata paisa baira gayeko cha we may see even big fall in coming weeks bicch bich ma pull back haru chai aauna sakcha. In best case market sideways jancha.

  • Sandbox_01 says

    Bought some insurance share at cheap price. Sell useless share and buy good performing company at discount price.

  • fastandthecurious2 says

    Extreme panic selling. Look at those negative circuits. The market will probably be down for a few more days. Certainly optimistic tho. Yehi bela ho paisa halne, paisa navayera po ta.

  • Snoo_87561 says

    not right now, not with those negative circuits and ‘nepse down by 116 point’

  • berojgar_keto says

    you always have to be optimistic

  • anotherperson6969 says

    Yes. But I think hydro bubble just got burst.

    Now after this correction, most probably people will start investing in Banks and good financial institutions.

    Buy the dip

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