are there any ethical breeders in nepal?


This is for next year when I move there from Canada. I’ll look into adoption as it will save me the hell of raising another puppy but I’m pretty picky from traits, looks, personality, playstyle. I have a 55 lb high energy, very social and playful border collie. Its gotta be able to satisfy his needs while also have really good trainability and recall. I was looking into a GSD (female) since I basically want a bigger version of my own dog. I also want to get mine into herding live stock and agility work so the second should also have an interest for it. GSD’s are perfect but I’m scared to purchase from a pet store cause I dont want to support puppy mills. Any suggestions on how to aquire a dog like i mentioned? I’m up for adopting a dog if it fits the bill.


Good Recall/Off leash trainability


High Work and Prey drive


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