Anyone remember night market around basantapur area, few years back?


Ekchin samjhyo, kya nostalgia bhaideera.

Because I remember my elder sisters used to go there and wouldn’t shut up about it and flexing the stuff they bought there and shit.

It sounded like a magical place which got shut down before I ever got to go. I think it was a decade ago(?)

Can anyone tell me kk hunthyo teta. Let me live vicariously through you.


  1. top_10_dohori_songs says

    Ok, you are feeling nostalgic remembering the place you haven’t been ever? Am I reading that correctly?

    And the night market is closed now? Used to go on evening/night strolls with my the then gf. May be it’s my memory but I don’t remember anything to buy there. Some souvenir stalls which closed late. Lots of street food stalls. Lots of couples and tourists just chilling, enjoying the moment.

  2. baldur_imortal says

    maybe it was all a cover up, maybe your sisters were working for the CIA and they had to make stories so that they wouldnt get caught, maybe your sisters were not real and you were brainwashed in a Soviet prison in Siberia. the numbers Regina, what do they mean?

  3. JayGurung says

    Yes, it was heaven for girls as most of the stalls catered women accessories. My elder sister would frequent the place as well and bring lots of earrings, bracelets and other jewellery ornaments. Cheap and the quality were durable as well.

  4. tsaroz says

    Kina ahile lagna xodyo ra?

  5. pantera_leo says

    Did she tell you that she used to go there with me?

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