Advice on diet


There are some very good vegetarian protein sources too.

But encorporating all these in your diet habit would seem very hard without a proper dietician or unless yourself being one.

But just learn about these and try to encorporate it in your diet.

Nutrition is not hard until you really restrict yourself too much or unless you are suffering from some diseases, for eg: Diabetes.

Carbs are all the same, So are fats for both veg and non veg people.


Being vegetarian, to get most protein out of sources, you need to manipulate it in such portions that you will get enough benefits out of it, For eg. Plant based proteins typically lack some amino acids, (mainly Leucine) which is the one to jumpstart your muscle protein synthesis and recovery. So you either need to take large portions of it to ellicit same response or mix it with other food items to complete the amino acid profile, Like Daal and Bhat together make a complete protein.

If you go on and restrict yourself with nutrition, you have to add supplements to your diet regime and to be honest, usually more than other people.

And weight gain or loss is always the olay of carbs and fats. Your protein intake most of the time would remain same unless you approach some other way.

So take your ideal weight in kg, like lets say you want to be 70kg.

Mul it by 2. So encorporate 140g of protein. Mul it by 3or 4 Get that much amount of carbs (210/280g), And 70g of fats (= Body weight)

Slowly increase the amount of food you are eating. And reach your target goal.

A lot of people say you dont need calorie counting, but believe me, it is so much easier to spend 1hour at max at educating yourself and creating your own diet plan according to your own daily schedule than ask some gym trainer who would give you some old pdfs


spend in one good trainer (Gonna be expensive)

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