A tip to students applying to the U.S. for higher studies.


I am unsure about whether what I am about to say applies to you if you choose to study in other countries however I can say for certain that this will apply to you if you wish to attend an american university.

Grades. Are. Not. Everything.

They are a priority but as long as you meet a threshold, anything above that will be irrelevant. When universities in the United States look for a kid from Nepal, they want diversity. They want a student that stands out and is different.

What I mean by this is take for example there are two profiles.

Profile A: a stereotypical asian student 4.0 gpa, plays the piano, has model UNs under his/her belt and other activities that are not unique but considered generally impressive

Profile B: an asian student who is different. Lets say he/she is in a music band, has a passion for something interesting and productive such as building models (and is looking to major in architecture) and has a gpa that is good but not perfect 3.6-3.8 lets say. And finally has a killer personal essay.

Id argue the second student is more likely to get in. What Im trying to say is try to stand out. This is something Ive realized now that I am here studying in the united states and something I wish I had realized when I was applying. If universities wanted a perfect stereotypical asian student, they would pick every indian student who can easily out do us with perfect grades. So unless you have perfect grades, your best shot at getting into a school with aid is to stand out. So stop stressing out about your grades and SAT as much as you are. Donot completely forget about them but anything that is decent should be good enough.

Finally, make sure you have a killer personal essay. Good luck.

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