A New portfolio app in town (pre-registration)! Any kind of feedback is welcome.


QA. QA. QA. Then QA some more. A lot of these developers cum traders seem to be creating portfolio/trading apps as a hobby, which is fine. But with people starting to use it, therein lies the complexity of maintaining it and making it reliable. Privacy is also a big factor here. Since fintech regulations aren’t strictly enforced, developers are deploying crap out there with a very narrow vision.

There’s a shit ton of “free portfolio management” apps out there. Most don’t care about privacy. One app even asked me to fill a whole bank-account-opening-like KYC info just to use the app. Then 2 minutes into the app, I start getting bombarded with ads. Refresh rate is slow, data management is horrendous (I delete a stock, appears again when I start the app later). This might seem innocuous, but financial information is very sensitive. One simple hack could put thousands of people at risk. Sure, traders dealing with bigger amounts might afford paid services, but there are a lot of retail investors who use these apps to make their trading a bit easier and to learn – they’re just as important as big traders.

You’re not adding any value with your smooth UI if your technical debt is huge. What money are you going to make by enforcing ads with less than 100 users using your platform? Gain trust first, work on reliability, make things informative. If the retention rate is good, make it a paid service or optimize your ads to not be intrusive.

I am not complaining about your product, but rather just sharing my observations. If you want to stand out, make it privacy and reliability focused. Everyone is already showing graphs, doing real time notifications, showcasing transactions, and doing basic arithmetic to show profit/loss. Nothing new here.

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