2G or 3G? Which Mobile Network Will Shut Down in Nepal?

2G or 3G? Which Mobile Network Will Shut Down in Nepal? » Meroshare

Which mobile network will shut down first in Nepal, 2G or 3G? Find out the possibilities in our comprehensive review below.

As Nepal’s mobile communications incline more towards 4G and prepare for 5G, it leaves legacy networks in existential threat. Soon, we could see either 2G or 3G phased out. In this post, we will enumerate key reasons to decommission a network and also delve into which of the two 2G or 3G might have a chance to survive the scrap.

Talking about discontinuing mobile networks, various countries have acted upon it. Many US carrier networks have already shut down 2G and plan to end 3G by 2022. Europe, Africa, Asian nations have also set dates to gradually shut down either the mobile networks or both in the future.

The reason? They already have a widespread 4G coverage and 5G is about to break out. Therefore, it is likely that Nepal will also cast aside one of the 2G and 3G in the coming years.

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Mobile Networks in Nepal

In Nepal, major telecom companies NTC, Ncell, and Smart Cell are providing mobile voice calls and data services. NTA, the regulatory body has allocated 2G, 3G, and 4G licenses to the telcos for calls and broadband services. As for 5G, only NTC has got the nod but waiting for the final approval, spectrum to launch the trials possibly in 2021.

In terms of mobile networks, NTC and Ncell offer all three mobile communications via 2G, 3G, and 4G so far. Smart Cell though strategically provides only 2G for voice calls and 4G for high-speed mobile broadband.

Cellular tower

Multiple telcos and networks with their band frequencies have already crowded the Nepali sky. With the 5G network in waiting, mobile communications could become way more complex. In all this, there is a high possibility that NTA could decommission either 2G or 3G in the near future. Below we have li

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