1967 Bagbaazar was like European Town


1967 Bagbaazar was like European Town


  1. ast1twa says

    looks like daraz website

  2. Key_War says

    Bagbazar 1967: we are no less than european towns

    bagbazar 2022: study in uk, cyprus, finland *1000

  3. jhagadulal says

    We are too week on our pullout game.

  4. godknows223 says

    Our country developed but backwards.

  5. y2k2r2d2 says


  6. sochmamagna says

    You can never convince me those two pics are of the same place 😭😭

  7. ultopalto says


  8. McLennon162 says

    Evolving but backwards

  9. digimith says

    The ugliest sight in any town is the electricity line.

  10. munamadan says

    That’s because all the rich people in power lived in Bagbazar and so it HAD to be nice. Then they moved to better places and us “commoners” had to settle there so it kinda became…..that.

    Also, present Bagbazar is not as bad as shown in picture.

  11. lunatic_god says

    I am a newar from Kathmandu and overpopulation and centralization has destroyed our heritage. Nothing we can do on our own to rectify this. But aaile aru out of valley bazar haru ma pani purano ghar renovate garnu satta siddhai naya modern style ko ghar banaudai cha. Youth of Nepal please don’t let your city and village become like Kathmandu. It’s hideous !!

  12. T_R_2 says

    Oooohhhh nooo

  13. jhyapledai says

    that’s not the recent picture of Bagbazar. It looks much better now but not as like in 1967.

  14. Hari0mHari says

    This looks like a seedy porn sites from the early00’s thats riddled with malware infested popup-adds. Absolute eye AIDS. Introduce severe restriction on signage Please.

  15. UjjwalKarn002 says

    No wonder why Kathmandu was one of the favorite sopt for bollywood in 60’s – 70’s

  16. Time_Chemist_8566 says

    capital sarnu parni vayo

  17. suvani88 says

    nepal knew ab corona see theres a poster saying CORONA

  18. Revolutionary_Gas783 says

    Present photo should be taken from same angle/location to compare properly.

  19. _____femto_____ says

    * European Towns were like 1967’s Baghbazar

  20. UjjwalKarn002 says

    What should we call this upgrade or downgrade?

  21. Altruistic_Project63 says

    I just posted this photo with caption on students of Nepal group and some random pages like NEB has started copying and posting it. Photo is getting viral slowly

  22. q-rka says

    Assasins creed yaad aayo

  23. q-rka says

    Assasins creed yaad aayo

  24. pawonpawonpawon says

    We’re evolving, just backwards.

  25. dr_wonder says

    Well, at least one side did.

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